Vacuum Pump With Hose

  • This quality range of vacuum pump with hose units, offered by ensuring to provide fast, simple and easy removal of excess water from the concrete slab. 
  • This is done after the compaction and levelling allowing of the floor is completed. Finishing is achieved very quickly. 
  • These machines have a self-contained unit powered by 7.5 H P electric motor mounted on transportation trolley. High-performance range is capable of dewatering approx.35 m in one operation.
  • Its advantages include: shorter waiting time before floating and polishing; 
  • earlier removal of shuttering; simple operation; flexible rolls out suction mat and patented filter cloths; quicker initial set and high strength (7 days strength in 3 days, 28 days strength in 7 days) increased compressive strength; reduced floor wear due to high-quality surface created imperviousness; better protection against freeze –than conditions dominate and need for hard topping; extracted water can be recycled; lower initial operating cost; efficient than traditional methods.