Floor Cleaner - Pine All Rose – 5l

  • This pure natural oils proportionately blended with fine deo pine perfume to give that extra eco-friendly charm at home. Provide a clean fragrance to help overcome unpleasant odor. Also remove various stains from the floor.
  • It is perfect for damp mopping. Suitable for cleaning kitchen floors and walls, bathrooms, drains etc. Disinfects and prevents the growth of fungus. It is a strong pine based product. It is used for cleaning the floors the rooms, bathrooms, kitchens which will leave the environment with a nice and soothing smell. 
  • Used at hospitals, schools, malls, multiplex, office, house, & more.
  • Its features include: germs free floor cleaning; sparkling clean of basin and toilet; natural fresh fragrance; keeps insects & flies away.