Vacuum Plasma Treatment

  • Eltech's laboratory vacuum plasma unit is portable, small enough to fit onto a bench and is a cost-effective solution to the problem of improving surface wettability. The lab vacuum plasma unit is very simple to install and can be operational within minutes.
  • It comes equipped with its own vacuum pump. Featuring operator friendly & easy to learn and use. The see-through door enables you to see your parts being treated in the large chamber. All of the key parameters are adjustable (i.e. treatment power, time & vacuum level) allowing you to achieve total process control.
  • Its features include: Applying to all kinds of materials of conductivity & non-conductivity; easy operation by simple button On/Off and start/stop; ultra high frequency using latest IGBT technology; long lasting, uniform, high surface treatment levels; ideal for integration with industrial automation; reliable industrial design; ideal for high speed lines; customized design.