High Speed Vertical Bandsaw Machine

  • This high speed vertical band saw machine offers advance features such as a coolant system for pumping and piping; and a bimetallic blade. 
  • It also offers longer functional life and is low maintenance that ensures smooth work operation. It is easy to install, offers an ergonomic design, along with easy operation. 
  • Furthermore, this high speed vertical band saw machine has a rigid construction, and is deemed suitable for a variety of heavy material cutting requirements as well as other production applications. 
  • It comes with a sturdy work table as well as a tough clamping vise. Additionally, the feed control is managed with the use of a pressure and temperature feed control valve.
  • Its features include: AC drive control with an adjustable heavy duty blade; high efficiency gear box; auto coolant flow; with an efficient motor; chip brushing of blade; less power consumption while providing proper lighting at workspace; trouble free higher production; well equipped electrical control panel and hydraulic power pack; work table indexing