Moly Based Dry Film Lubricant

  • This molybond - 100 is a stable suspension of microsize molybdenum disulphide in a binder solvent system to achieve a bonded lubricating film by spraying over the bearing surface.
  • It is a single component, air-drying, ready-to-use spray, which can withstand extremes of temperature and loads, when applied over the bearing surfaces. CVC molybond-100 establishes uniform coating, forming a solid lubricating film of considerable tenacity. It forms thermally and electrically conductive film.
  • Its applications include: For open gears, chains, threaded connections, splines, hinges, pivots etc. wherever dry film lubrication is required, for inaccessible points.
  • Its benefits: acts as a clean dry lubricant; long life lubricant; chemically inert lubricant; mould release agent; non-stick lubricant.