Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer

  • They are one of the well-distinguished companies in the market that are into an offering of air cooled servo stabilizer. 
  • It works with an efficiency of 98% and more, the stabilizer is designed to supply a constant output voltage with the stability of + 1%. 
  • This air cooled servo stabilizer also provides protection from over load at the input. It has manual by-pass facility, single phase prevention for 3-phase units, reverse phase sequence protection for 3-phase stabilizers and built-in spike suppressor. 
  • Its features include: strong construction; various sizes; easy to operate.
  • Its advantages include: reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments; improvement in power factor (only in case of high voltage); power saving (reduction in power bills); depreciation as per income tax act in India; uniform quality of end products; better efficiency in plant; reduction in MDI.