Ventus Air Handling Unit

Ventus Air Handling Unit

VTS offer a multi-purpose air handling and conditioning units for all kinds of building, with any capacity, which operates in all climatic conditions. 

The offer also includes rotary regenerator, cross-flow heat recuperator and run-around coil. A unique C-shape casing ensures excellent integrity and rigidity of the AHU. It is highest possible leak-proof design. It has high performance direct drive plug fans. 

Installation space savings:

  • High performance direct drive PLUG type fans
  • Light structure - frameless casing of height class tightness
  • Three delivery methods available - in packages, in sections or as a ready-to-install device

Low operating cost:

  • High energy recovery rate - up to 85%
  • Smooth adjustment of the air flow rate as a STANDARD feature
  • Optimal selection of the unit size according to a building cubature

Comfort of work:

  • Silent operation
  • Reliable control system applications