Techne Fluidized Sand Bath Systems

Techne Fluidized Sand Bath Systems

Use these fluidized sand baths for your heat-treating processes, temperature sensor calibrations, and electrical component testing. Baths use aluminium oxide fluidized by low-pressure air as a dry bath medium with excellent heat transfer properties. Inert, non-flammable aluminium oxide is safer to use than oil and will not corrode your sample vessels or produce toxic fumes. Vessels of all shapes can be easily immersed and safely removed from the bath, without the hazard and mess of hot oils. Make temperature adjustments via a control knob and reference dial. Baths require a dry air flow of approximately 3 cu ft/minute for model 01184-00 and -02 and 5 cu ft/minute for 01184-04 at about 3 psi pressure; order an air pump separately. All baths have a thermowell and an overspill flange. Note: not recommended for shape setting in laboratory research device manufacturing or for heating of reactors.

Ideal for record pH and conductivity simultaneously


What's Included:

overspill flange, and power cord with plug.

Bath Type        Special Purpose Water Baths
Max Temperature  C)      600
Min Temperature  C)       50
Temperature Uniformity  C)      ±1
Power (VAC)       230
Power (Hz) 50/60
Description Fluidized sand bath systems; temperature range; 50-600°C; 240V; 2x 750W Heaters

  • Fast heat-ups and accurate temperature control to 600°C
  • Dry, inert, nontoxic aluminium oxide ensures hazard-free operation
  • Safer alternative to high temperature oil and salt baths
  • Requires controller (1184-50) to be calibrated
  • Requires 20 lb (9 kg) of brown sand (01184-63)