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Vikas Metals offers a wide range of Shot Peened Steel Pipes, long radii Elbows and Pipe Fittings for pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum and carrier pneumatic applications. The company specialises in internal shot peening services of stainless steel pipes, which increase turbulence of materials passing through the system to reduce clogging due to angel hair or stringers. Its plant is equipped with automatically controlled shot peening machines for wide range of components of job diameter up to 1 metre with consistent and unerring results. The finish is consistent and covers total internal surface of the pipe. Depending on the type and quantity of the material and on the transport velocity, different pipe surfaces, from smooth to rough, are required. The internal surface treatment of conveying pipe is very important. The company uses different techniques of shot-peening to achieve the defined degree of roughness of the inner pipe surfaces. It can even perform on-site shot peening of large components whose sizes exceed shipping limitations or which are installed on their foundations, to the same quality standards as done at processing centres. Proper coverage and certified peening media is utilised to achieve the same high level of quality in on-site shot peening projects. The company can help customers avoid the logistics and costs of shipping oversize equipment, while helping minimise the down time of this equipment with its on-site shot peening capability. It is a pioneer in the shot peening industry by continually advancing the state-of-the-art in customised internal shot peening equipment and shot peening techniques. The company specialises in performing internal shot peening of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium pipes, bends, tailor-made long radii elbows and pipe fittings, supplied as per customers required specifications of roughness.

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