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These soldering irons are working on low voltage. A power supply with input voltage of 230 V and secondary having taps to adjust wattage as required per job specifications is provided. Soldering iron heating elements are cast in aluminium. Soldering iron's bit angle is so adjusted to provide ease in soldering. It can accommodate different types of bits as per job requirement. Bits are iron plated and tin covered. The company offers various types of soldering iron bits to suit the 8 mm soldering irons. These can be selected as per joint to be soldered, volume of solder to be applied, how fast soldering is to be done and iron wattage. These bits are manufactured from copper and are iron plated. This imparts excellent resistance to the tin in solder. After iron plating the bit ends are hot tin dipped to acquire solder adhesion. Brief specifications: Model PSU-150; description – soldering iron bit size 8 mm with power supply; wattage – 50 to 140 W; and temperature range – up to 450°C.

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