Silent Diesel Generator

  • Its is depending on size, these silent diesel generators can be used for small loads, such as electric tools, and for large loads like factories, commercial buildings, and hospitals.
  • The enclosure is fabricated out of CRCA sheet of 16 SWG; the sheet metal components are hot dipped in nine tanks pretreated before powder coating; enclosure is powder coated (inside as well outside) with a special pure polyester based powder.
  • All nuts and, bolt/external hardware are made from stainless steel; the doors are gasketed with high quality EPDM gaskets to avoid leakage of sound; the door handles are lockable type; sound proofing of enclosure is done with high quality rock wool/mineral wool confirming to IS 8183 for DG set.
  • The rock wool is further covered with fibre glass cloth and perforated powder coated ms sheet; specially designed attenuators are provided to control sound at air entry to the container and exit from the container; adequate ventilation is provided to meet air requirement for combustion and heat removal.
  • There is provision for emergency shutdown from outside the enclosure; as per CPCB norms with acoustic enclosure the noise insertion level shall be 75 dBA at one meter under free field condition for DG set.