Side Channel Blower

Side Channel Blower

Promivac Engineers

Promivac Engineers offers Side Channel Blower. Promivac Regenerative Vacuum Pressure Side Channel Blowers, Turbine Type, Single Stage are manufactured from good quality die casted aluminium alloy and are directly mounted on single / three phase electric motor. These are specially designed and fabricated to ensure high efficiency & trouble free operation. Since there is absolutely no friction between any two parts of the blower and no lubrication is required either, consequently the pressurised air or vacuum generated remains 100% Oil Free. These are virtually maintenance free as these perform neatly without causing any friction or vibration. Their compact design, light weight but rugged construction supplemented with trouble free performance have made them cost effective as well.


The main assembly of the blower consists of dynamically balanced multi bladed impeller which is made to revolve at a very high speed in a specially designed stator cum compression chamber ensuring very fine clearance between them. The impeller is fitted directly onto a bearing mounted shaft of a superior quality flanged electric motor.

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