Moulded Brake Linings

Moulded Brake Linings

Ranbro Brakes India Limited


Ranbro Brakes India Ltd offers Moulded Brake linings. Ranbro Brakes manufacture asbestos and asbestos free brake lining for vehicles of various types. We offer quality and performance based brake lining with cost per mile in mind. They are of classic quality and are made with pressure forging process to assure high density and uniform distribution of unique blend of ingredient such as mineral fibers, friction dust, resins etc. Brake lining are excellent in stability, having ultimate stopping power, low wear giving longer performance life, drum compatibility, superior fade recovery, water resistance, speed sensitivity. They have undergone extensive and rigid tests in the laboratory and over the road. They have an excellent overall rating with a stable coefficient of friction and low wear, over a wide range of temperatures and speeds


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