Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

  • One of the most compact vacuum cleaners suitable for vacuuming fine dust, granules and solid at the same time. 
  • This vacuum cleaner can be used in ATEX Z20/22 and Z20/21hazardous areas. It comes with double certification for motor and blower and offers highest filtration efficiency in its segment.
  • It has Dustop filter cleaning system using pressure differential and new conical filter with large filtration surface of 3 m2.
  • It brings in more efficiency in the cleaning process. Filter replacement is easier.
  • It is suitable for continuous duty 24/7 work, maintenance free motor. It can vacuum directly into disposable bags and D.40 mm accessories kit is included. It is made of 100% steel construction and is compact and portable.
  • These cleaners are used in industries such as food and pharma.