Galvanized Tubes

Galvanized Tubes

Vishwas Tubes India Private Limited

Vishwas Tubes India Private Limited offers Galvanized Tubes. Vishwas Tubes brand galvanized tubes are hot dipped with zinc coated made of steel that has been covered with a layer of zinc metal. During the galvanizing process, they immerse the steel in a molten zinc bath, ensuring a tough, uniform barrier coating. Consequently, Zinc's natural corrosion resistance provides the steel a long-term protection from various environmental hazards. The Pipes and tubes that we manufacture are made of galvanized steel, are primarily used as building materials in construction industries. For years, designers, builders and consumers seeking long-term structural performance in the harshest of outdoor applications have turned to their zinc-coated steel pipes. 


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  • These zinc-coated galvanized steel pipes are highly resistant to the effects of water, wind and road salts. Zinc's natural resistance to corrosion also marks it with a long -term protection quality in external environment. Owing to these properties they find application in building and structural material as well as in mechanical and general engineering purposes. Off late they are also used for manufacturing the Bus Body, Railway Boogies and used by telephone department as a Conduit Pipes.

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