Double Helical Gear Pump

Double Helical Gear Pump

Fluid Tech Systems offer “rotofluid” make gear pump Model “FTNX/FTBX” which is heavy duty flange and foot mounting type positive displacement rotary gear pump.

Fluid Tech Systems is a Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of products which include Industrial Pump such as Double Helical Gear Pump and Industrial Gear Pump.

Model “FTNX/FTBX” is modified version of Model “FTRN/FTRB” to achieve high pressure. These pumps having doubled helical finished gears and hardened & ground shafts. Due to double helical gear it prevent axial load and side thrust which help to increase life and performance of pump. Model “FTBX” is a bush bearing type pump which can be used for viscous liquid having sufficient lubricating value for intermittent duty; however for continuous duty pump will needle roller bearing in Model “FTNX” and it will be selected for liquid having low viscosity, power lubricating values.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Production Capacity: 500 Pieces Per Month
  • Delivery Time: As Per Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details: Standard Packaging, Wooden Packaging