Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Vikrant Equipments

Vikrant Equipments, an ISO9001-2000 company, manufactures cranes and hoists. The company offers Top Running/Double Girdr Overhead Cranes in capacity up to 100 tonnes, and span up to 30 metres. The long travel speed is up to 40 mtr/min, and cross travel speed up to 20 mtr/min. These are widely used for large capacity types with longer span; for high frequency and heavy work in any motion; and suitable for large headroom (distance between building ceiling and the travelling rails. The LT wheel is double flanged straight tread type fitted with spherical roller bearing. LT wheels are provided in each of the two end carriages. The wheels are supported on ‘L’ type live steel axles bearing housing assembly. These are made from solid round forged steel materials and hardness up to 300 BHN. The control panel incorporates AC variable speed drives (latest crane control solution enhances crane performance without worries). Features: smoother operation; excellent control; different operating speeds for each process; allows accurate positioning, control torque or tension; the gentle start up of a motor with an AC drives reduces the stress on process mechanism and on electrical equipment; using variable speed drive eliminate micro motor, micro gearbox, additional brake, etc., which directly save on equipments cost with better performance; and the VFD eliminates the need for magnetic reversing contractors, reduces the numbers of wearable components in the panel and recess long term and maintenance costs.

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