Diesel Fired Hot Water High Pressure

  • Hydroblast 200 H, is a diesel-fired hot water high pressure. This heavy construction robust machine will deliver superior performance that is required for industrial, automobile, food industry and institutional applications. 
  • These products offer maximum temperature of 140°C and pressure of 200 bar, Advanced Control with Delayed Stop (ACDS), triplex plunger pump with three ceramic pistons and brass head, 1450 rpm motor, motor/pump coupling protection with special lubricant retention system, high pressure valve regulation, allowing steam production and high pressure detergent injection system. It also consists of water filter, accessible for inspection from the outside of the machine, pre-ventilation boiler, automatic shutdown if idle for more than 20 minutes, two rigid rear wheels and two front swivel casters with brakes and an hour counter device with service alert warning LED.