Clean Room Air Showers

Clean Room Air Showers

Sam Products’ Clean Room Air Showers are used for decontamination. The usual process is by spray of high velocity air on the persons entering validated area. Since the persons entering the clean area 'may carry' pollutants, which in return affects the special equipment, thereby making loss of important manufacturing process or products such as pharmaceutical chemicals, semiconductor wafers, etc.

The air showers are installed at the entry of the clean room. The air showers are prefabricated and used for removal of last traces of dust/particles from the clean dress. The high jet of air assists in removal of surface particles from end user prior to entering a clean room space. The high jets of air from walls and ceiling provide a high velocity, low pressure type system at the entrance to and exit from the controlled area. The material used and the finish provided for the walls and ceiling need to be of good quality to withstand regular pressures of air and at the same time avoid any dust particle accumulation on the surface. The air showers are assembled and tested at the company’s own factory before dispatch. Typical designs of air showers incorporate special emphasis for human comfort without compromise on safety and human health.

Sam air showers are self contained units, having air filtration systems, blowers, motors, controls, microprocessors, interlocking doors, lights, etc. These air showers are also custom built to suit the end user requirements. Some of the standard designs include: straight entry, straight exit type air shower; straight entry right/left exit type air shower; trolley movement air shower; "U" type air shower; and multi door air shower.Sam air showers can also be broadly classified as: single side air shower; double side air shower; three side air showers; top air shower; recirculatory air shower; and water tray air shower.

Sam air showers reduce contamination levels for entry to class levels. High efficiency particulate absorption filters ensure dust removal of 99.97% from the air of particles measuring 0.3 micron or larger. Spraying wind speeds are around 25 m/s or above. The stream of air passes through stainless steel nozzles with adjustable direction. The contaminated air is returned through another set of filters for cleaning.

The air flow in an air shower is pre set. This avoids confusion to the end user. Fail safe electromagnet locks are preferred as interlocks of the door. The electromagnet portion of the lock is attached to the door frame and a mating armature plate is attached to the door, thus the two are in contact, when the door is closed. Door sensors are set at 24 V DC magnetic reed switches and door interlocks are at 24 V. The door locks release upon loss of power.

The control system is through a micro processor to control the sequence of operation of the air shower. Feather touch press switch/numeric lock/pre programmed card access or biometric are used to unlock the entry to-air shower. Emergency switches are located in the air shower for shut down of the air flow and unlock of the doors.

Sam air showers undergo various tests and inspections to ensure maintenance free use. Filtration capacity and levels, sound levels, vibrations, cleanliness, air velocity, lux levels, door locks, safety aspects, door closing speeds, waiting time, air flow durations, etc., are a few of them.General applications for air showers are sterile areas, dust free zones, life sciences, bio-medical research, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors wafers, micro electronics, aerospace, precision manufacturing, etc.