Automatic Wire Nail Making Machines

Prem Industrial Corporation

Prem Industrial Corporation offers Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine. It is simple and sturdy in design, and provides high output. It is easy to operate and has long service life. All tools are easily accessible and can be quickly exchanged. Even an unskilled worker is able to easily operate this simple and high efficient machine. These machines have been tested under the most extreme conditions at their maximum capacity. There is choice of eight models for WIRE thickness from 0.9 to 4 mm and for nails lengths from 6 mm to 200mm. These high speed machines can produce flat head nails, counter shank head nails, chequred head nails, lost head nails , pop nails. These machines can produce nails from H.B wire, Brass wire, Copper wire and Aluminium wire. The machine"s main crank shaft is directly driven by a motor and the side shafts are driven by bevel gears to ensure correct and permanent adjustment of the cutting tools directly drive its main crank. The length of thickness of the nail is adjustable. The company also manufactures and exports Steel Nails, Bolts , Barbed Wire, Wire Drawing, Paper Pins, Gem Clips, Stapple Pins, U-Bolt, Shoe Tacks, Horse/ Bullock Nails, Wood/ Machine Screws, U- Nails, Aluminium Rivets , Umbrella Head/ Roofing Nails Making Machinery and various kinds of Horse Shoe Nails.

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