Vibratory Furnace Charger

  • These vibratory furnace chargers are a cost effective method of increasing productivity and quality of melt. 
  • The furnace charger consists of storage hopper with vibrating feeder mounted on a mobile trolley which moves to and fro between scrap yard and the furnace.
  • With constant improvement in technology, furnaces require rapid and uniform charging to keep pace with the melting power of the system for which the furnace chargers are the optimum solution. 
  • While using the furnace charger, controlled vibrations the metal is uniformly fed into the furnace whereby the melting cycle is reduced and the furnace life and the bridging forming situation is avoided.
  • The entangled pieces of scrap metal form a layer above and if unrecognized by furnace operator, bridging can lead to super heating of bath and failure of furnace lining and run out.
  • Due to controlled feed, the hot metal splashing is avoided and the charger can be operated from a framed plate by the operator without actually being near to the furnace.