Torque Limiters

  • These limiters are precisely engineered based on the industry parameters using good quality material obtained from authentic vendors.
  • These limiters can transmit torque up to a particular level, after which, in the case of an overload in transmission, the torque limiter will slip, thereby protecting the system from damage. 
  • These torque limiters are used in paper mills, steel plants and packaging industries. 
  • Some of the benefits of these products are that of easy installation, robust construction, and longer functional life.
  • These can be availed in various types that include drive options such as sprocket, pulley, in-line couplings, etc. 
  • Some of its applications include that of packaging machinery, printing machinery, paper mills, food processing machines, material handling equipment, steel rolling mills, coil/cable/sheet metal, tape winding machines, etc.