Terminal for Lighting & Stage Equipment

Terminal for Lighting & Stage Equipment

Beckhoff Automation Private Limited

Terminal for Lighting & Stage Equipment comes from Beckhoff Automation Pvt. Ltd. Beckhoff has integrated an additional building automation subsystem in the EtherCAT Terminal system with the EL6851 DMX terminal. As a DMX master, the terminal allows the direct connection of up to 32 DMX devices and supports the transmission of the full DMX protocol width of 512 bytes in just one control cycle using EtherCAT. DMX is the standard protocol for controlling professional stage and effect lighting equipment, which is used, for example, for the dynamic lighting of showrooms and salesrooms as well as for exclusive displays of light and colour in high-profile buildings, such as hotels and event centres. For static DMX light sources colour mixing and brightness values are transmitted, while moving DMX light sources receive additional spatial coordinates. The high data transfer rate of EtherCAT permits higher update rates of light settings, resulting in more harmonious changes of light and colour as perceived by the human eye. The EL6851 can be used to control DMX devices with three axes, such as scanners, moving heads or spotlights. To more efficiently design these systems, time-saving IEC 61131-3 function blocks for faster system programming are available for use via TwinCAT automation software from Beckhoff. The EtherCAT Terminal system is a modular I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks. The technological features of EtherCAT are optimally supported throughout the system, since the EtherCAT protocol is retained completely right down to each individual I/O terminal. Ideally suited EtherCAT Terminals are available for all common digital and analog signal types encountered in the world of automation. Subordinate bus systems such as DMX are seamlessly integrated via local master/slave terminals.

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