Tension Springs With Hook

Tension Springs With Hook

Maxima Springs

Maxima Springs manufacturers Tension Springs With Hook. Maxima Manufacture various  of tension springs as per customer requirement in  Bangalore. Maxima Springs  uses following raw materials to make Springs, Spring Steel Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV, 2D , Inconel, SS 202, SS 302, SS 304 as per IS 4454 & Other Imported Wires also. Tension springs are stressed in shear but are “pulled” rather than “pushed”, in order to effect energy transfer. By virtue of this they have different end forms to anchor them and to effect the actuation of the energy stored. The form of the ends is varied and virtually infinite in shape to suit the user and the application. However there are a number of standard or commonly used shapes. Tension springs are usually close coiled. They have a nominally linear rate, when close coiled they are coiled with “initial tension. Maxima Springs  manufacture a wide range of round wire tension springs and have developed a number of special end forms for the convenience and efficiency as per the customers' requirements and keep a large selection of springs in stock.

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