Subland Drills

Subland Drills

Uttam Tools

Uttam Tools offers a range of Subland Drills. Basically a subland drill is two drills of different diameters combined into one tool, but they retain the individual characteristics and geometric properties of each other. The separate and independent flutes and margins of the subland drill ensure that their sizes and concentration between diameters is maintained throughout the life of the tool and are never affected by re-sharpening the point or step angles. Applications: The subland drill eliminates secondary operations by drilling multi-diameter holes in one production pass. On certain applications particularly while making holes in steel or cast iron, the subland drill gives superior tool life as compared to other basic step drill of the same diameter. When drill bushing is applied and the material is being cut through, with subland drill ‘Double Margins’ can be supplied at no extra cost. As a result the additional margins will give maximum support and guidance that will give more accurate size and hole location control. Available in: high speed steel; carbide tipped; and solid carbide. Uttam Tools, established in the year 1997, is a noted manufacturer and exporter of carbide tipped and HSS cutting tools such as industrial step drills, industrial step cutters, etc. These are extensively used automobile aircraft, railways, cable, defense engineering, steel ferrous and non-ferrous industry, metal, paper and plastic industries. The superior quality range of tools includes step cutters, single point tools, burnishing drill, special reamers, solid carbide reamers, coolant feed drill, sub land drill, step drill and many others.

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