Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

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Altech Batteries offers Solar Batteries. A meaning of solar battery are rechargeable batteries which have been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic systems or are just used for. They are used especially in stand-alone systems for storage of energy produced by solar panels and batteries as a buffer when major consumer operation. Often, the term is also commonly used for built-in solar power applications batteries, even if they are not specified for it. Solar batteries are better than ever, and so are the devices that regulate and protect them. It is important to do your homework, however, when it comes to getting the right batteries and maintaining them.The most commonly used for solar batteries battery type was in the past, the lead-acid battery. For its use of low price per storable energy quantity, the achievable maintenance, the low self-discharge and the relatively high efficiency of about 80% spoke. The losses in lead-acid batteries can be explained in part by the outgassing of hydrogen-oxygen during charging.


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  • Solar Invertors.
  • Off Grid Lines Inverters.
  • Solar Street Lights.
  • All types of solar panels for electricity storage at office, hospitals, institutions.

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