Smoke Detection System

  • It’s unique three status registered technology indicates the level of smoke in terms of low, medium and high smoke concentration and warns the user with an audio-visual alarm on detecting more than 1000 ppm of smoke.
  • It operates on 230V A C and is available in denominations of 1,2, 5 and 15 channels to connect upto 15 smoke sensors. It imbibes latest surface mount technology that enables reduction in current consumption by thus saving power and energy.
  • Its prominent features include: three status registered compatibility with PLC, DCS, SCADA or any annunciator panel, flexible mounting options and is shipped in specially designed ‘Kit–Form’ with simple ready to use templates and illustrated manual for an easy and quick operation.
  • Its applications include: smoke detection system in chemical plants,
  • boiler units, warehouses, ovens and furnaces, battery charging
  • room, food and kitchen industries, hospitals and restaurants, mine
  • and metal industries, power plants, etc.