Shell And Tube Bubbling Bed Boilers

Shell And Tube Bubbling Bed Boilers

Maxtherm Boilers Private Limited

Maxtherm Boilers Private Limited offers Shell And Tube Bubbling Bed Boilers. Shell and tube bubbling bed boilers are suitable for pulverized fuel or fuel such as husk/ coal. The fuel is fed into the boilers through top feeding tube using a sprayer into furnace by means of primary air. The furnace is constructed with stainless steel nozzles through which secondary air for combustion is fed. The velocity from the nozzle makes the fuel partially fluidized and hence called as bubbling bed.

Combustion in bubbling bed is much more effective than conventional bed. It ensures less amount of uburnt and releases all heat in the furnace. This type of boiler is easy to operate and shall be completely automated for trouble free operation.

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