Elektromag-Joest Vibration Private Limited

Elektromag-Joest Vibration Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of shakeouts.

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  • The separation of castings and sand is almost always done on vibrating machines. Shakeout conveyors are used to shake off and segregate sand from castings and to crush the sand lumps without damaging the castings.
  •  In many cases the angle of attack is adjusted for each of the tasks. In the past, the angle of attack could only be adjusted mechanically and hence production had to be interrupted when the angle of attack needed adjustment.
  • The angle of attack of Elektromag-Joest’s shakeout conveyors can be adjusted during operation which does not require the stoppage of work. 
  • These shakeouts are of non-discharge or self-discharge type.

Products from Elektromag-Joest Vibration Private Limited

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