Scrap Baling Machine

Scrap Baling Machine

Mask Hydraulic Machineries

Mask Hydraulic Machineries provide triple action scrap baling machines.

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  • Option for hand lever operated as well as PLC controlled scrap balers; high speed and fully automatic balers; equipped with all the safety features; CE marking on the balers can also be arranged at extra cost.
  • Lower energy consumption with increased rate of production; requires minimum. maintenance; reliable hydraulic system and power pack ensured by the use of imported valves of reputed make.
  • Valves are easily interchangeable; lower cost per ton than any other baler; ease of operation; each baler is rigorously tested prior to the dispatch; spare parts are easily available across the globe.
  • Heavy duty construction of the balers; can be customised as per the specifications of clients; single compact unit mounted over I –beam (girders); hydraulic accessories are provided to avoid accident


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