Roughness Gauges

Roughness Gauges

Blum Novotest Measuring And Testing Technology Private Limited

Blum-Novotest Measuring & Testing Technology Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of roughness gauges - TC63-RG/TC64-RG/ TC76-RG.

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  • This revolutionary roughness measuring systems for machining centres for precise evaluation of surface roughness of workpieces. 
  • Fast digital measurement of workpiece position and reliable detection of poor surface quality using analogue measurement.
  • This roughness is globally unique roughness measuring systems for automatic checks in the original setting.
  • Its features include: automated roughness measurement without manual operator intervention; output of roughness parameters Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rmax and Wt; enhanced in-process reliability by elimination of manual and downstream tests; determine problems of the cutting process; use of the expensive tools until the real end of the service life; protected by patents; high-precision, face-geared measuring mechanism; wear-free, opto electronic signal generation; defined deflection direction and constant deflection forces; extremely fast measurements;maximum measuring accuracy even with off-centre probing; high measuring resolution for maximum precision and safety; reliable and proven transmission technology; no influence on other radio systems; sequential use of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver; very long battery life.

Products from Blum Novotest Measuring And Testing Technology Private Limited

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