Rotary Joints

  • Rotary joints are used for conveying fluid under pressure from a stationary source to a rotating system or vice versa. They are also referred to as rotary unions, rotary coupling, swivel joints etc. 
  • Rotodyne rotary joints are designed with journal type and specific seal designs are selected based on the operating conditions like rotating speed, operating pressure, nature of application etc. 
  • This design has got several distinct advantages  over the contemporary face sealing designs – especially for high pressure low speed applications, like the possibility of having multiple ports which can be pressurised simultaneously, less susceptibility of fluid contamination, handling multiple fluids and positive sealing higher pressure capabilities etc. 
  • Rotodyne rotary joints are available with maximum pressure rating of 400 kg/cm2, speed up to 2000 rpm and flow capacities upto 400 lpm.