Process Indicator With Gsm Communication

Process Indicator With Gsm Communication

See Automation

See Automation is a trader of process indicator with GSM communication.

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  • CPL100 instruments measure and display process parameters like level, pressure, temperature, flow, vibration, humidity, wind speed and more. CPL100 has real time clock and internal EEPROM which stores the level and volume to external EEPROM at time intervals specified by the user. 
  • It saves a maximum of 10000 records (level, volume, time and date of event occurrence). 
  • CPL100 has RS-232 output for GSM connectivity which is compatible for SIM300 GSM communication to central monitoring station through GPRS, data call, short message service. 
  • These instruments accept a voltage or current input and convert them to the programmed process variable.
  • These instruments also have the capability to switch on relay(s) based on user settings. These outputs can be used for process set points and alarms, and for controlling pumps. 
  • These instruments are panel mount instruments optional features includes: upto 2 relays can be programmed using 4 setpoints and current output of 4-20mA.

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