Oxygen (Sufficiency + Deficiency) Monitor:oxyn

  • This rechargeable battery-operated instrument displays the presence of oxygen digitally and activates an alarm if the concentration of oxygen increases or decrease above or below set values. 
  • Its dual design lets the user use it 'with' or 'without' an externalprobe which plays a vital role in the application of the instrument.
  • Dual alarm protects the user from both deficiency and sufficiency in one unit. Enriched oxygen is expensive and increases the risk of combustion, detecting it in turn saves money & minimizes risk of combustion. 
  • The low-cost, battery-powered unit is ideally suited as a personal monitor for field use and also has a remote sensor cable option for remote sampling.
  • Typical applications include laboratory air monitoring, personal monitor for entering confined areas like manholes, tank internal cleaning, welding gas purity checking, pharmaceutical & food industry, nuclear centers etc.