Oxygen Monitor (Portable):deficiency + Sufficiency

Oxygen Monitor (Portable):deficiency + Sufficiency

Subtronics (India) Private Limited

Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd has innovated its latest oxygen monitor model OXYn designed to monitor the presence of oxygen in ambient air.

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  • The OXYn which displays the presence of oxygen in digits and activates an alarm if the concentration of oxygen increases or decrease above or below set values. The instrument is battery operated (rechargable) and indicates a low battery indication when it needs charging with built-in battery charger. Its dual design let the user use it 'with' or 'without' an external probe which plays a vital role in the application of the instrument.
  • Its dual alarm protects the user from deficiency and sufficiency both in one unit. Enriched oxygen is expensive and increases the risk of combustion,
  • detecting it in turn saves money & minimizes risk of combustion. 
  • The low-cost, battery-powered unit is ideally suited as a personal monitor for field use and also have a remote sensor cable option for remote sampling.
  • Its typical applications include: laboratory air monitoring, personal monitor for entering into confined areas like manholes, tank internal cleaning, welding gas purity checking, pharmaceutical & food industry, nuclear centres etc.
  • Patrons beware of similar looking copied products offered at low prices with inferior quality. Our company is an Indian Patent holder with qualified staff and prompt after sales service. 

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