Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps And Compressors

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps And Compressors

Vacunair Engineering Co Private Limited

Vacunair Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd offers liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressors.

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  • There is only one rotating part - a balanced rotor running with close clearances without any metallic contact with other parts; no lubrication is required and air or gas handled is oil free; pump can handle hot and saturated vapours; air is compressed by rotating water ring radially and outlet parts are also radial
  • The pump can comfortably handle dust, fibers and foreign matter with seal water; it can handle more seal water and hence for many of the applications water receiver is not required; it has cylindrical control plates having ample area for inlet/outlet port fitted with close clearances to the rotor; pressurised gland system ensures leakages of atmospheric air into the pump; unloader valves are provided to remove any foreign solid particles like any process fibres/pulp, sand , silt, ash; low power and water consumption; it gives non-pulsating vacuum
  • Control cone clearance are not effected by small variation in axial length/axial position of the rotor; ball/roller bearings on both sides are floating and have small axial movement; control cone port angle selected on basis of specific operating condition which reduce over compression and power.

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