Hoist Drives

Hoist Drives

Trident Precision International

Trident Precision International is a channel partner of ABM Greiffenbegar, Germany, in India. This is a leading German manufacturing company in the field of: hoist drive units, travel drive units, chain hoists, gearboxes, inverter drives, etc. The company offers hoist drives, technology for cranes and hoists. Lifting and conveying loads require powerful and reliable drives which can work in harsh environments and unfavourable conditions. For last 25 years ABM hoist drives are exceeding the highest expectations of more than 60 OEMs all over the world. Optimised design and top quality of ABM made in Germany products gives a competitive edge to OEM users. ABM range of hoist units offers special designed geared motors with brakes for direct drive of rope drum in six sizes. The hoist unit design is based on FEM calculations for standard lifting gear allowing safe and reliable lifting of loads from 3.2 tonnes to 40 tonnes in 4/1 falls.

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<ul><li>Made in Germany high quality drive units.</li> <li>Compact and heavy-duty drive units.</li> <li>Motor and gearbox housings made of aluminium alloy.</li> <li>Large axis base for assembly in U design.</li> <li>Available in lifting speeds of 4/5/6.3/8 m/min in 4/1 falls.</li> <li>Two speed (12/2 pole) high power density.</li> <li>Crane duty motor giving 6/1 speed ratio.</li> <li>High start and stall torque with soft and safe acceleration.</li> <li>Direct mounting of rope drums.</li> <li>Life time lubrication.</li> <li>Very low noise gearing design with high precision hardened and ground helical gears.</li> <li>Very safe asbestos free double surface DC brakes with long life time.</li> <li>Option for inverter controlled drives available.</li></ul>

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