Hand Pump With Reservoir

Hand Pump With Reservoir

Cenlub Industries Limited

Cenlub Industries Limited offers a wide range of hand pump with reservoir, Model H-600-6 plus. 

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  • This pump has its own reservoir made of aluminium casting.
  • It is piston type, where piston is actuated by a cam, integral with the handle of the pump.
  • Its on operating the handle, pump discharges oil.
  • As soon as the pulling force on the handle is released, piston returns back by spring force and the pressure in the lubrication line is reduced to zero kg/sq.mm.
  • There is an in-built check valve pressure reducing system incorporated in the pump.
  • Pump is equipped with relief valve which safeguards it from overloading.
  • Pump is fitted with an oil window to cross-check the level of oil in the pump and to refill the reservoir from the top opening, once the oil level is nearing the minimum.
  • Pump is equipped with a suction strainer at the inlet and a drain plug at the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Suitable holes are provided for vertical mounting of the pump, projected outside the back wall of the pump.
  • Pump outlet is suitable for 6mm dia tube, which must go upward from pump outlet.


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