HT Aerial Bunch Cables

HT Aerial Bunch Cables

Prime Cable Industries

Prime Cable Industries manufacturers HT Aerial Bunch Cables. 11 KV & 33 KV Aerial Bunched cables are used for power distribution in cities where ground space is constrained. Configujration: Size ranges from 35 Sq mm to 400 Sq mm, Three phase cables constitute of three single cor

IPFAnu 2020-Pg no 206

e screened cables, These phase cable twist around an Aluminum Alloy messenger conductor which carries the full load of the cable when mounted on poles, The size of the messenger conductor is designed based on the weight of the cable over a span of poles. Screening: Screened by an extruded semi conducting layer - XLPE Insulated, Screened again by an extruded semi conducting layer and a copper tape. Insulation: XLPE, Phase Identification, Coloured polyester strip Red, Yellow and Blue, under copper tape, Ridges 1, 2 and 3, Outer Sheath, Overall sheathed with PVC/ Polyethylene.

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