Galypack Boiler

Galypack Boiler

Rajdeep Boiler Private Limited

Rajdeep Boiler Private Limited offers Galypack Boiler. Galypack Boiler is a packaged, three-pass, fully wetback, packaged boilers equipped with mono-block/dual-block burners to deliver high combustion and thermal efficiencies. Galypack fires wide range of liquid and gaseous fuels. Large heat transfer area to ensure complete combustion with low flue gas exit temperatures.

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  • Optimum design to ensure:
  • High heat transfer area, water hold-up capacity and steam space in the shell for fluctuating loads.
  • Sufficient furnace size to avoid flame impingement on pressure parts.
  • High dryness fraction for best quality steam.
  • Easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Comes with mono-block/dual-block burners from world-class burner makers.
  • Optional:
  • Oil pre-heater to make system for efficient.
  • 3-element control system for close monitoring of water level, steam flow & feed water flow.
  • PLC based control system.

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