Furnace Duty Transformer

Furnace Duty Transformer

Truvolt Engineering Company Private Limited

Truvolt Engineering Company Private Limited offers Furnace Duty Transformer. Furnace duty Transformers are widely used in various type of Furnaces, Induction Furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace, Electric Arc Melting Furnace. Roller Hearth Furnace, Shaker Hearth Furnace, Steel Furnace & Ferro alloys Furnace. Design Parameter: Very High Factor of safety , Robust Design, low power consumption, High mechanical strength to withstand the Symmetrical fault, Efficient voltage regulation, Well power Transfer capacity and Efficiency, Efficient winding & oil temp, Rise, Well Voltage Regulation, Efficient power transfer capacity with better Efficiency Provision for frequent variation of Tap changing facility, Rigidly design to withstand repeated Short-circuit condition against over voltage, Due to frequent switching, Built in Reactor provided for long arc Stability. Construction: H.V & L.V winding in two levels star and delta connection to achieve 12 pulse reaction. L.V. Winding arrangements adapted to minimize the winding hot spot and influence of Harmonics, Electrostatic Shield is used to minimize the harmonics voltage, and smooth operation of Rectifier, To limit structural heating pair disc winding arrangement adapted. Riser Arrangement for Open Delta connection at Top of Body typically Mounted of the tank, Cooling Arrangements both air and water cooling ( by Radiator or Heat Exchanger method), Use of M.S core clamp with acid treatment ,fine surface finishing and oil resistant painting, Prime core of 0.27 mm thickness with 1.6 wb/m2 proper laminated core used at assembly stage and stiffen with poly glass tape by Iron pressed.

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