Flat Cables For Submersible Pumps

Flat Cables For Submersible Pumps

Ultracab (India) Limited

ltracab (India) Limited manufacturers of Submersible pump cables, round submersible cables and Flat cables. Ultracab is the fastest growing company in cable industry. “Ultracab” 3 core flat cables have been specifically designed for submersible pump motors. The manufacturing process of submersible pump cables and round submersible cables is done keeping in mind tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate or perform. These cables confirm to ISI and are mark IS:694:1990. Ultracab manufactures these submersible pump cables that are totally specialized in the state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. Every minute details and specifications from raw material to final packaging is given utmost importance. Submersible pumps are used at various areas including deep wells, here their cables are the most reliable source and can be successfully installed in any physically restrictive, hostile environment and any complex factors. We design submersible and round submersible cables in a manner that user can snatch highest potential from them and also obtain maximum degree of safety along with it. 

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  • Ideal For Irrigation Pumps
  • Drinking Water Supply Pumps
  • Offshore Drilling Rings
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Sea Water Handling Equipments

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