Extension Springs

Extension Springs

AB Spring Company

AB Spring Company offers an array of Extension Springs that absorbs and store energy by providing resistance to a pulling force. These are widely used in tape cassette players, balance scales, garage doors, washing machines and in various types of tensioning devices. Commonly, these are made using high quality round wire and have built-in load that is known as initial tension that can be varied within limits. These are close wound with initial tension that is an internal force, which holds coils together. In this, different types of ends are used to join the extension spring to the source force. An extension spring can have a prelude at zero deflection, just like compression spring that has zero load at zero deflection.

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  • Sturdy
  • High tensile strength
  • Has a range of stress for any spring index that can be held without problems
  • Can be use without initial tension by giving space between the coils

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