ESP Hopper Condition Monitor

  • An innovative way of ESP hopper monitoring; SMARTsaa CAS PT is new product introduced for measuring fly ash level in ESP hopper and monitoring condition of ESP hoppers by non-contact method.
  • Portable model - no cutting or drilling is required to be made to hopper; indicates ash quantity in hopper at a particular time; gives ash quantity percentage in ESP hopper; indicates rat hole formation; indicates ash deposition on the inside walls of hopper
  • Gives analogue O/P with respect to ash quantity; same sensor can be used in multiple of hoppers; portable model requires no wiring to be made at hopper; continuous monitoring is also possible for particular hopper
  • Fly ash storage silos are used to store the fly ash removed by the ESP system - these silos are very large and hold hundreds of hundreds of tons of ash; because the ash is very dusty and the conveying system is pneumatic, a large amount of airborne dust is created inside the silo environment. These dust clouds are so severe that they can “blind” radar and ultrasonic sensors.
  • CAS has proven to be a reliable and accurate level measuring device for this application; uses naturally occurring gamma-ray sensor (NOGS) technology based product introduced first time in India by SMARTsaa
  • Does not require gamma ray source, hence no approval formalities; detects gamma rays from coal ash from outside the hopper; coal ash sensors CAS does not require the use of an artificial radiation source.