Digital Photo Colorimeter

  • This microprocessor auto digital photo colorimeter (VSI-401) is a compact and easy to operate instrument for photo colorimeter analysis of any concentration. 
  • The output is available on 16x2 lines alphanumeric LCD display in terms of percentage Transmission (% T) & Absorbance (Abs.). 
  • The use of micro-controller has made these microprocessor digital photo colorimeters extremely versatile and state of the art instrument.
  • This microprocessor digital photo colorimeter operates at wavelength between 400 to 700 nm ranges with accuracy of +-0.02 O.D./Abs. A minimum sample volume of 1 ml is required to carry out the analysis. 
  • The use of high standard wide range glass filters covering 400 to 700 nm in the monochromator gives extremely good results. The filter setting is controlled by a rotating disc having 8 filters. An automatic shutter is provided to stop the light reaching the sensor, when test tube is not inserted in the tube holder. This increases the life of sensor tremendously.