Current Transformer.

Current Transformer.

Truvolt Engineering Company Private Limited

Truvolt Engineering Company Private Limited manufacturers Current Transformer. These Current Transformers are greatly appreciated for their accurate functionality and are highly demanded in the market. These Current Transformers are made in accordance to the industry standards and are reasonably priced. Direct measurement of current in high voltage & high current system is not possible because of difficulty in electrical isolation of measuring instruments. It is also not possible to use current flowing through the system directly for protection purpose due to its high value and difficulty in electrical isolation of protective relays. Therefore, Current Transformers are used to step-down the high system current to standard value accurately in proportion to their ratio. Basic Functions of Current Transformer are: To reduce the line current to a value, which is suitable for standard measuring instruments, relays, etc.,  To isolate the measuring instruments, meters, relays etc. From high voltage side of an installation, To sense abnormalities in current and give current signals to protective relays to isolate the defective system. A current transformer operates on the principle of balance of Ampere turns in primary and secondary winding. Voltage Es developed across secondary of the current transformer can be represented as ES=ZS x is where Zs is impedance of burden, connection leads and CT secondary. The magnetic flux required to develop voltage Es needs excitation current i.e. this excitation ampere turns are supplied through total primary ampere turns, causing error in the magnetic material. Errors in the current transformer are also non-linear over the current range of 120% to 5%. 

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