Crane Duty Brake Motors

Crane Duty Brake Motors

Western Engineering Co

Western Engineering Co offers Crane Duty Brake Motors. Crane duty motors are specially designed for frequent starts/stops & reversing required in cranes & lifts of all types. They can also be used in applications such as material handling, lifts, cranes, hoists, weirs & sluices, auxiliary motors in rolling mills or wherever intermittent drives are required. Positive locking between rotor and shaft is provided with keyed joint on motors from 132 frame and above. These motors can be provided with brakes fitted on Non Driving End for instantaneous stopping. Brakes are used for various applications where instantaneous stopping of the driven load is required. The operation of the brake is ‘FAIL SAFE TYPE’ i.e. normally on. The brake is applied when the motor is switched off or if power failure occurs. In applications where total load stopping time is not very critical, AC side interruption is used and in applications where faster stopping is necessary, DC side interruption is used. Note: The motor must not be switched ON unless the brake is energized and the brake should not be de-energized when the motor is on. Interlocking of two contactors is absolutely necessary for safety of motor and brake as well. 

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