Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Hydrobalst 250 C, cold water pressure washer is a powerful and efficient jet cleaner. The three-phase heavy-duty industrial cold water jet with 900 litre water flow and up to 250 bar pressure, offers exceptional cleaning results even in removal of stubborn stains in facilities, sidewalks and conveyors. 
  • It comes with triplex pump with ceramic plungers, connecting rod system, nickel coated brass pump head, two large wheels, metal frame with handle, automatic by-pass valve and pressure adjustment option. It also has a built-in detergent suction adjustment, three-phase motor with thermal protector, power supply cord length of 5 m and inspectable water filter.
  • Professional pressure washers are used in industries, institutions and in service centres for cleaning activities including vehicle cleaning, drain cleaning, equipment cleaning, facilities cleaning etc.
  • Pressure washers are able to quickly remove grime, grease and mud, thereby protecting the investment and saving time.
  • Pressure washer takes the pain out of most cleaning tasks.