Capacitor Discharge Unthreaded Studs

Capacitor Discharge Unthreaded Studs

Conweld Engineering Services

Conweld Engineering Services offers the best quality range of the capacitor discharge unthreaded studs.


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  • These studs are available in standard size and shapes. Its use EN ISO 13918 that is in accordance with the quality and standards of these capacitor discharge unthreaded Studs.
  • The product advantages are that it saves time; A stud weld takes only a split-second to make and only two-three seconds to reload the welding tool; saves material.
  • The component to which the fasteners are welded is not weakened by drilling. As a result plate thickness can be reduced.
  • In addition, this process alleviates the need for punching holes and the reverse face of the component can be painted or covered, since there is no rear side marking.
  • Semi-skilled operators too can quickly learn to make perfect stud welds consistently.


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