Brace Rod

Brace Rod

Royal Anchors Private Limited

Royal Anchors Private Limited manufacturers Brace Rod. Royal Anchor manufactures Tie rod / sag rod and Brace Rod assemblies in many different specifications and sizes as per customer requirement. The configuration consists of a single rod with threading at both ends. A tie rod assembly is used to brace steel columns or heavy timber beams or used to support canopies and awnings. Tie rods are often used with turnbuckles. Brace Rod consists of Larger lengths, hence the practice followed at Royal Anchor consists of two rods with a turnbuckle in the middle threaded at each end. For this assembly, A turnbuckle is assembled between the two rods and the assembly is drawn tight by rotating the turnbuckle. Occasionally, Brace rod assemblies are connected using sleeve nuts. Tie rods are commonly manufactured using low carbon steel, but higher strength assemblies can be manufactured. Carbon or alloy steel tie rod assemblies can be supplied either plain finish, Electro plated or hot-dip galvanized, Complete tie rod packages are assembled in our facility to ensure accurate thread fit before shipping to your jobsite.

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